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There is Only One Way to Truly Get Rid of Bed Bugs


There are many treatment options available to get rid of bed bugs. The one that is the most effective is Heat Treatment. It’s a ONE AND DONE TREATMEMT.

Chemical treatments require several applications which are unhealthy and become very costly. Pesticides contain toxic chemicals to kill bed bugs. Heat treatment is a ONE AND DONE TREATMENT to rid the property of bed bugs. You can safely use your property as soon as it cools down.

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Serving Nebraska & the Midwest Area

If you are a bed bug in Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, or South Dakota you should be on watch.

Pestbusters, LLC of Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska has sent more than 1,452,521 bed bugs to permanent sleep.
Give or take a few.


About Pest Busters

Since 2009, Pestbusters has been using heat treatment to help hundreds of homeowners, apartment owners and business owners in the Midwest eradicate bed bugs. Based in Omaha, Nebraska.

PestBusters is centrally located and will respond to calls within 24 hours. In most cases we can provide a free on-site inspection.

Who is Pest Busters?

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, PestBusters is a local business that is fully insured and has been in business since 2009. Because we are centrally located, we treat Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and all other areas throughout Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and South Dakota.

We respond to calls and questions 7 days a week and return messages within 24 hours. In most cases, we can provide a free on-site inspection. Our expert technician will answer your questions, explain our processes and walk you through each step from preparing the infected areas to final treatment. Our truck and trailer are not marked—we are discrete!

What is Pest Busters?

PestBusters are experts in the process of killing bed bugs through heat treatment. We have been killing bed bugs for over 10 years. A 500,000 BTU heater, industrial fans, air flow ducts and more allow us to treat every inch of the property to a precise temperature and then hold that temperature for a minimum of 3 hours to allow the heat to penetrate all furniture, walls and other items to kill the bed bugs and eggs that are not visible.

We protect your electronics, pictures and any other items that have not been removed from the room with heavy coverings.

Our Process

4 Steps to Successful Riddance.

When we arrive, our technician will do a walk through with you to answer any additional questions before beginning heat treatment. Our heater will raise the temperature in your rooms to 130-140 degrees. (Bed bugs die at 113 degrees) Our industrial fans will circulate the air throughout the entire area. Once the required temperature is achieved, our technician will hold that temperature for a minimum of 3-4 yours in order to kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Once completed the area can be used as soon as it cools down.



Inspection by our highly trained technician to determine whether the property has bed bugs and to what extent.



Sign Agreement with Pest Busters for service.



Prepare your area for treatment. We will provide you with an Items to be Removed List and answer all questions regarding preparation. We want you to ask questions! The better prepared the area is, the better the results!


Our technician will perform the Thermal Pest Heat Treatment. Temperatures in the room will be in excess of 140 degrees and temperatures in the walls, mattresses and other enclosed areas will be in excess of 135 degrees for a period of 3 to 4 hours. 


Ongoing Assistance

We respond to our customers 7-Days a week.

Signs of Bed Bugs


Inspecting Area if you have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a pest that can be difficult to get rid of if you don’t act quickly to remove. Bed bugs are a type of pest that create hives and can spread quickly. Bed bugs can lay as many as 5 to 10 eggs a day and up wards of hundreds in a life span. The life span of a bed bug is 2 to 4 months and during that time a bed bug can wreak havoc on a home or business. Acting immediately will eliminate the bed bugs and allow you to get back to normal.


Life cycle of bed bugs

  • Life expectancy – Bed bugs can live between 2 to 4 months.
    Size of bed bugs – Bed bugs can reach the size of 1/16 “long
  • A female bed bugs can lay between 200 to 300 eggs in a female bed bugs lifetime.
  • Eggs usually hatch within 6 to 10 days which makes the bed bug heat treatment process very successful.
  • Newly emerged bed bugs seek a blood meal and will need to feed at least once before each molt.
  • Bed bugs can molt up to five times before you reach adult hood.
  • Bed bugs can produce more than 3 generations in one year and all ages for a bed bug can be in an active population colony.
  • Older bed bugs and adults can survive longer without a blood meal and can survive up to a year in better conditions.

Signs that you have bed bugs

  • Bite marks will occur on arms, hands, legs and even the neck and head area which may look like a rash.
  • Bed bugs will live very close to their source of food. Areas where people will site for long periods of time, rest or sleep.
  • Bed bugs are active during the night time and are dormant during the day.
  • A bed bugs will feed for 2 to 5 minutes then move back to their home or hiding spots.

Areas where infestation will occur

  • Thoroughly Check Bed Rooms.
    Under Beds, behind dressers.
  • Mattresses, bed frames, box springs.
    Desks, chairs, and furniture.
  • Behind pictures, clocks and areas that have wall paper.
  • Bed bugs can also be found in carpet and wood floor cracks.
  • Look for brown spots and areas where bed bugs may be grouping or creating a hive. Bed Bus will group together in areas that are out of site.

Ongoing Assistance

We respond to our customers 7-Days a week. Call Pest Busters to complete the bed bug removal using our bed bug heat treatment removal process.   Our bed bug heat treatment process eliminates the removal of bed bugs.


Bed-Bug Free Customers

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